Financial Power

Stock quantities are maintained for an unlimited number of Godowns. Financial Power Portal automatically updates the quantity and the value of the items as they come in and out as a result of business transaction.

The inventory management appended major required key features for any business enterprises. The application provides interface to define the item categories, different items in each categories and multiple location | Godowns | Warehouse. This will facilitate to find which item of what category is available in which location. The availability of items is a cumbersome job and time consuming. This improves productivity and reduce lead time.

The application also provides a window to update sales & purchase pricing. One of the prime features includes viewing price comparisons of purchase & sales. This will assist the user to create a validation on selling pricings during invoicing.

The applications provides useful reports to the user for analysis and reconciliation. The reports consists of

  • Over All Daily Sales Report
  • Daily Sales – Item Wise Report
  • Over All Monthly Sales Report
  • Monthly Sales – Item Wise Report
  • Stock Report
  • Stock Balance Report

The stock balance report provides details of items and the balance quantity in the stores. This also provides information about the average price of per unit and the overall stock valuation.