Financial Power

User friendly

  • Web based
  • Fully menu driven
  • Provision to search on field value (like name, code)
  • Provision to find business entity details company wise
  • Mouse / touch screen operated
  • Mobile friendly


  • Flexible date format DD/MM/YYYY, MM/DD/YYYY, YYYY/MM/DD
  • Multi currency
  • Flexible currency symbol
  • Flexible currency set up
  • Flexible payment term set up
  • Flexible voucher numbering System
  • Flexible financial year set up
  • Flexible financial year beginning date & period
  • Various setup to change default options as per need
  • Flexible logo set up

General features

  • Graphical representation of data for comparative business elements
  • Multi company
  • Multiple operators
  • SMS Alerts
  • Email alerts


  • OTP based authentication
  • Seperate login credentials for operators
  • Role based operator priviledges
  • Back up functionality for potential catastrophes

Multiple options

  • Multiple companies
  • Multi currency
  • Multiple financial years
  • Multiple units
  • Multiple godowns


  • Easy New Financial year creation
  • Carry balance to successive financial year
  • Carry balances from last year at any time
  • Credit Limits for customers

Master set up

  • Account group
  • Account
  • Tax group
  • Unit of measure
  • Sales type (retail / wholesale)
  • Sales / Purchase tax group
  • Customers, suppliers ledgers
  • Payment term
  • Item
  • Godown
  • Sale price
  • Purchase price

Financial reporting

  • Double entry accounting
  • Trial balance
  • Trading
  • Profit & loss
  • Balance sheet
  • Choose pre-defined accounts or create your own
  • Account coding structure
  • Day book
  • Cash book
  • Bank book
  • Sales book
  • Purchase book

Inventory reporting

  • Item wise daily sales report
  • Date wise sales report
  • Month wise sales report
  • Item wise stock report
  • Stock balance report
  • Stock balance ledger report
  • Sales price list
  • Purchase price list
  • Compare sales & purchase price at a glance


  • Fully customise your invoices by adding your own details and logos
  • All Invoices are created as PDFs which can be printed or emailed
  • Create unlimited invoices for unlimited numbers of customers
  • Generated sales invoices, purchase invoices, overdue invoices as you need
  • Set up a list of items or services you use, which are automatically filled in the price, description and tax rate
  • Facility to select a invoice from invoice templates


  • Set up as many bank accounts as you like
  • Set up a "Cash Account" to represent cash on hand
  • There is no limit to the number of transactions you post to your bank
  • No limitation on paying your invoices from your bank
  • Simply and easily match your actual bank statements with what your FP accounts reflect

Customers and suppliers

  • Set your payments terms according to each customer
  • You can set discounts for specific customers
  • You can set sales type (retail/wholesale) for customers
  • Store customer information for further reference
  • Set your payments terms according to each supplier
  • You can set sales type (retail/wholesale) for suppliers
  • Store supplier information for further reference


  • Create as many purchase order as you want
  • Prepare debit note


  • Create as many sales order as you want
  • Prepare credit note