Financial Power

Manage Your Financial Documents and store them safely and securely online, an excellent facility whereby one can store all your personal and business documents.

Documents Management – An essential part of business

In this fast paced financial World, there are continuous changes in the environment necessitating a perennial evolution of business practices and being abreast with the latest. You need to be very vigilant to keep your business going. Merely keeping an eye on the net profit may not be a good enough strategy. Just being good enough will not pull you ahead; you need to have the best.

Customized Documents management

This is an excellent facility whereby one can store all the personal and business documents category-wise like KYC Documents, Financial documents etc, irrespective of whether they are paper or electronic you can track their flow including those of emails and attachments you can create a workflow for moving your documents through the organization; it reports who viewed and | or modified.

Stores and retrieves each document of yours from your Internet enabled PC, or Tablet as well as Mobile. The documents stored are kept securely and can be viewed, downloaded by the authorised user who has been given rights by the owner of document. The document can be stored as per user defined categories and the same can be secured through security key. The access control can be general or accessed as per role defined.