Financial Power

Customized Business Dashboard That Gives Instant Real Personalized Business Insight With Interactive Graphs Which You Can Always Stay Connected & Well Aware Of Your Critical Data To Monitor The Important Aspects Of Your Business.

The Online Financial Power Platform is very interactive and user friendly. It is a scalable, flexible and can be customised as per your business model.

Classification – For ease of understanding

Dashboards will provide quick overview of information which will assist managers or promoters to take decision making. It will also assist you in monitoring the health and opportunities of the business.

On one hand it will depict financial output with respect to revenue & expenditure, profit and loss, bank details, flash invoices generated, payments made, day books etc.; on the other hand it also provides the top ten in each critical group head. Informational Dashboards are usually a series of graphics, charts, gauges and other visual indicators that can be monitored and interpreted.

Customized Design – To your liking

Dashboards can improve current performance metrics. Dashboard is a very crucial and highly essential part of our operations. Personalized insight into the Business is available through the Business Dashboard. It has Interactive Graphs and real business data through which you can remain connected and informed.

It also gives an entire view of matters relating to accounts.