Financial Power


FP-Getting It Know Better

Financial Power is an initiative of FINANCIAL POWER SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE LIMITED for providing enhanced applications to its customers. The software application works on the real time basis and will enhance the decision making abilities. The applications assist you to be in touch with the business while you are on move.

It's Revolutionary...It's Innovative!

Company was recently established in 2016 as a Start-up software firm with a focus on financial sector. The global start-up push has motivated the management team to set up an establishment to make a mark in the global level. The firm is focusing to cater the Asia Pacific region within a span of two years and become a force to reckon with. As a natural corollary we are now introducing a Next Generation financial portal service for business enterprises. The new edge technology will revolutionise the market with its functionality and affordable pricing.

The promoter and team had vast experience in fintech domain and plan to develop Financial Power Portal for all accounting & finance need at a very low price. We thoroughly understand and believe in the importance of efficiency of speed and power to achieve the excellence through total commitment.

Financial Power provides complete customized business solution’s, like Book keeping, Inventory management, Financial document management, Tax management, Business contact management & Business promotional services that are being offered by us will surely revolutionize the way you have been handling your business needs.

Up to date financial details will help you to make the best decisions proactively. The best part about it is that you can easily access the complete Accounting and Financial aspects of your business from anywhere across the world. Our services help you to save time, which you can utilize for analysing the other important areas relating to your business.


Vision Statement-Our Goal

To become an Asian leader by T20 in the area of customize applications.

Mission Statement-Our Method

We have an established mission to work continuously with commitment, creativity and focus manner in order to come up with innovative business management solutions. We would work for customer’s satisfaction and retain our stakeholders.

Value-Our Style

We will always conduct ourselves through Ethical Practices while achieving work excellence for business associate delight.

Journey So Far...

Six years back our founder visited number of Financial Professionals for managing their books of accounts and financials for their business entities and faced number of issues for getting his accounts organized. The lacklustre shown by the professionals was because the business was small in nature and not catered by professionals in long run.

It was at this time that Mr. Vikash has promised himself to ensure that other small businesses and entrepreneurs do not have to revisit the phase he has lived with. He along with Ms. Neha Jain has come up with this innovative idea of Financial Power Software where small business, Individuals carrying on small business will be catered for managing accounts and financials of their firm and business in an organized manner. Mr. Vikash has observed and has been through a period, where owners of small and medium enterprises had to run behind professionals to get the books of accounts kept and finances managed, where a sprouting business idea of an entrepreneurs ends up due to lack of financial knowledge, where several small businessman end up paying hefty fees to professionals and accountants and often waste lot of time and energy which otherwise could have given boost to their core business.


VIKASH, a multifaceted personality having hands on experience in consulting, business and social development. A true entrepreneur in the literal sense and a seasoned businessman in pragmatic sense, his diverse experience dwell in financial to marketing to administration domains. He holds position of director in Chhattis Garh Fin-Corp Lending Private Limited, Truealliance Consultancy Management India Limited, Sea Star Agri Tech Corporation Producer Company Limited, partner Director at Shivnath Vision Group, International Healthcare, The Institute of Financial Power. He devotes his in his free time to his NGO, Society for Capacity Development and Welfare.


Embarking on a rich experience in strategic finance, corporate planning and risk management, Neha brings onboard her business associations with banks and related corporate she has built over years. She holds position of Director in Chhattis Garh Fin-Corp Lending Private Limited, Truealliance Consultancy Management India Limited and Sea Star Agri Tech Corporation Producer Company Limited.




Financial Power technical team is a bunch of professional having vast experience in latest web technology platform. They had worked in reputed organisation and gained capabilities to design software architecture, process flow and efficient coding to make a competent solution for better results. The team involves: -


The R&D Team is assigned with the task to recommend new technological applications and commercial functionality of the software. The team consist of techno-commercial experience. The team decides what has to be included in the application. The team consists of: