Financial Power

Starting Subscriptions pricing as low as INR. 17.00* Per days onwards.

Any process within business management functions are critical in nature and accuracy of information is vital. Decision making is a very crucial aspect for any business, this application will facilitate to take informed decision. The complex function of Inventory Management is been made easy with this new age technology & practical driven application. Financial Power has all the expertise and knowledge to be your partner for growth.

The few important reasons to prefer for Financial Power:

  • Multiple Company | Currency | Location |Operator access rights
  • Dash board summary of business indicators
  • Real-time insights to stay in control
  • Empowers you to take fast decision making
  • Timeline - view of recent transactions
  • Easy learning , User friendly environment & adaptability
  • Captures online live customised Inventory status report
  • Low Pricing – High Performance Application

Financial Power is designed to deliver products or services that meet customers’ expectations. The software removes the deficiencies of the legacy system. The solution is forward thinking providing solutions to all the challenges faced by the businesses. It has the alerts, reminders, triggers to take prompt and informed decisions. We simply promise to support you to get the best possible results.

Financial Power
  • Dash Board with real time financial status
  • One System For Your Entire Company.
  • All reports in just a click
  • Graphical report of business & financial performance.
  • Informed & Faster Decisions
  • Security and access control to users as per requirements.
  • OTP Based access & Industry Best technology follow.
  • Dynamic OTP generation for every user access.
  • New Edge Technology
  • No Maintenance & upgradation Costs
  • Low Yearly Subscriptions
  • Money back Guarantee – 30 Days
  • No Setup Cost | AMC Not Applicable
  • 30 Days Free Trail.
  • No Network Cabling, LAN, Router, Anti- Virus required
  • Free Server hosting & Data backup
  • 24X7 free support over Phone | Mail | Call me support.
  • Self-Support ticket (Service Request) generation & Closure at user end for satisfactory resolution of support required.
  • View Financial Report on Dashboard.
  • Automated Top Ten Transactions of categories in the Dashboard i.e. Top 10 transaction value based on the descending order at real time. ( such as Debtors| Creditors, Paid | Unpaid | Overdue Invoices, recent customer & supplier payment, Day Book with Purchase & Sales Book).
  • Export of data in Excel and PDF formats is available.
  • Financial Reporting (Computation of Income, Trading, P&L Accounts and Balance Sheet) at one click.
  • Day Book as and when required (Day Book, Sales Book, Purchase Book, and Cash & Bank Book).
  • Provisional Financial Reporting as and when required.
  • Customised Inventory Reporting (Reports - Daily|Monthly Sales Item wise, Stock Reports, Closing Stock with Units and Value wise reports, Store wise inventory reports).
  • Generation of PO’s, Enquiry of Purchase Order, Debit & Credit Notes, Payment outstanding, etc.
  • Price List of Inventories with Purchase and Sale comparisons.
  • Track your Daily business activity – send through SMS & Mail.
  • 3 Year Documents & Accounting data with storage access rights.
  • Customised Private virtual documents vault like Digital Locker.
  • Customised Book Mark Library | Image Gallery |
  • Multiple Business | Currency | Location |Operational access rights.
  • Role base access rights and Bank level security.
  • Modern & e-Invoicing and tax invoice functionality with firm logo and customisation.
  • Inbuilt modern & trendy Invoice templates available.
  • One time Master Setup (Details of Customer, Suppliers, Items, account heads, ledgers etc.)
  • Availability of customised Unit standards for various inventory types as per the nature.
  • Data feed will automatically reflect in customised reports.
  • Customer & Supplier Contact automated captured CRM Integration.
  • Knowledge Bank for user help provided.